Things You Should Know Before Buying Gold Coins

Since the price of silver and gold has been increasing at outstanding rates, many people are searching for gold, platinum, and silver coins as investments. There are countless reputable and honest coin dealers that can help you buy these investment instruments at a fair market price. However, there are also those who are searching to rip off uninformed and sell overpriced gold coins.

Gold Mining

Before you invest in any precious metal coins, you must do your research first and be knowledgeable from someone other than the individual trying to sell you gold coins. If you do not know your platinum, silver, and gold coins, you would better know your coin dealer that will help you make responsible decisions.

According to an expert, to make informed purchase of platinum, silver or gold, the investors have to be aware of the factors including the value of bullion versus any collector coin value, merchandise’s timely delivery, and the actual value per ounce of the precious metal.

For you to help the investors understand precious metal marketplace, you have to follow some guidelines for you to be a wise investor.

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Bullion Versus Collector Coins

Investors must distinguish between bullion coins whose values typically fluctuate in accordance to the current value of platinum, silver or gold and rare coins, which has a particular collector premium that’s based on the demand and historical supply. Several US silver and gold coins might be readily available in circulated condition for modest premium over the bullion content, yet those coins in superb condition might have higher value, maybe thousands of dollars above the melt value. The market for the accurately graded and high quality rare coins is a bit strong today.


Gold investors must be aware that the gold coins trade at particular premium over their spot gold price for the reason that they’re minted by the sovereign governments, which charge fabrication fees. Spot gold price is actually based on 100 ounces or bigger than .999 fine bullion. Gold bullion coins range from 1/10 ounce to 1 ounce trade at three to fifteen percent premium over spot based on the coin, the quantity being purchased, and its size.

Other major gold bullion dealers will sell an ounce of gold American Eagle coin at about 4-5 percent over the current melt or spot value. Canadian Maple leafs, American Eagles as well as the South African Krugerrands are several of the many famous gold bullion coins. The investors must contact some creditable precious metal dealers and look for the best price available.


Under a normal condition, the delivery of the coins you have bought must be received with 10-14 days. Nevertheless, if when purchased the seller is aware of a small delivery problem, this must be disclosed to you that there could be a delay. The PNG doesn’t recommend having coins that are stored by the dealers, but rather, verified at accredited and independent depositary is acceptable for most investors, particularly if this involves a big quantity of gold.

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